UX audit for Non-Profits

Are you a non-profit with a website or service that helps solve a real world problem? We partner up with non-profits and charities to help them reach more people and refine the overall UX of their services.

linkHow does it work?

  • Send us an email on nonprofit (at) blucado.com with an overview of your non-profit, why what you are doing is important, and where would you need the audit (e.g. your website, a new feature that you are developing, etc.)
  • An expert will review your proposal and come up with questions
  • If we decide to work together, we will start a non-profit mutual partnership from the current audit that will extend indefinitely in the future.

linkWhat is covered?

  • Do send us a message for UX advice and audits of existing websites or upcoming features
  • Don’t send us requests for UI design, Product Development, full flow creation, banner or any other digital media creation
  • Do contact us if you are unsure about how to approach the UX design or how to measure UX on your non-profit
  • Don’t contact us if you are a start-up, entrepreneur, accelerator, etc, even if you don’t make a profit currently.

linkWant to design more effectively? Take a look at these articles:

linkSize guidelines for text legibility

 For creating a legible text use font size of 18 pixels or larger, with line spacing of at least 120% —with larger line spacings being more likeable. Adding at least some margin around the text, makes it more preferable.

linkPromo codes on checkout pages: Pros and cons

Promo codes help visitors save money and increase sales for people already interested. Adding a promotional code to a design increases the likelihood of process abandonment, as people may wander off to another website in search of the code.

linkWhen to use loading indicators (and which)

Use a looped animation for waiting times between 2000ms and 10000ms. A progressbar is best to be used for waiting times from 10000ms to 30000ms.

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